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Ladies and gentlemen: the ugly truth. If you don’t have the motivation to lose the weight, you’re not going to lose it.
For years throughout middle school and high school my mom had me tested several times for thyroid disease. She’d try to make me healthy meals, send me outside to play and keep me active to lose weight. However, what she didn’t know is that when she would go to bed at night I’d have a binge session on whatever unhealthy junk food I could find.
Years later at 268 pounds I finally decided I wanted to lose the weight so I tried weight watchers, I had finally convinced myself that I had a thyroid disease because I was only losing a pound here and a pound there. Then I tried a different diet, low card. BOOM it worked. Granted low carb was not the best diet for me (I was starving my body of the essential nutrients that come from carbs), but regardless the pounds were finally coming off.
It wasn’t until May of this year that I switched to just watching my calorie intake (including sugars, carbs and fats) in addition to running. Since than I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes and another 45 pounds. Today I’m currently 162 pounds (goal is 145) and I honestly couldn’t be happier.
Moral of the story? You need to drop the excuses to drop the pounds.

Seated Forward Bend


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